The Friday Photo – Airag

In Mongolia I visited a nomadic family. They were very welcoming and offered me to try some yak cheese and airag. When I’m abroad I always want to try the local food and drinks. More importantly, it wouldn’t be very polite to refuse the offer. So there I went. The cheese had a very strong taste to it. But compared to the airag that was just a mild flavour.

Airag is fermented horse milk. The milk is collected in a container, usually made from the stomach of a cow or from horsehide. They normally hang it next to the entrance of the yurt. The fermentation process makes it a beverage with about 5% alcohol content.

Well, I guess you need an acquired taste to enjoy airag. Either way, I was happy to be able to try it and to experience a real Mongolian tradition.


2 thoughts on “The Friday Photo – Airag

  1. Mooie foto van een Mongoolse nomade familie die nog dicht bij de natuur leeft en oude tradities in stand houdt.

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