Bucket List

I’ve made a list of things I want to do in my life. I’m sure my bucket list will change over time, but it feels good to have written down some of my goals so I get myself encouraged even more to achieve them.

So, here it is. In random order, I want to:

  • Dance Argentine tango in Buenos Aires
  • See what the Gross Domestic Happiness in Bhutan is about
  • Camp on a jeep in the desert of Namibia
  • Learn to skipper a sailboat
  • Snowboard in the Canadian Rocky Mountains
  • Visit a Moroccan souk
  • Buy a house with a porch and ocean view
  • Go scuba diving in Fiji
  • Attend a TED conference
  • Track through the desert with Bedouins for at least a week and sleep under the stars in the White desert in Egypt
  • Relax in front of a fire place in a wooden house in Lapland
  • Experience a tea ceremony in Japan
  • Grow my own vegetables and herbs – bought some plants, will hopefully be eating my own veggies soon
  • See the Northern lights in Norway
  • Explore Uzbekistan’s Silk Road
  • Walk the Inca trail to Machu Picchu in Peru
  • Start my own business some day
  • See all the colors of the Indian Summer in the US
  • Learn how to survive in the wild
  • Meet mountain gorillas in Rwanda
  • Visit a geothermal spa in Iceland
  • Rent a sailboat and lower the anchor in a remote bay of a Greek island
  • Meet the Kalaallit Inuit in Greenland
  • Learn more about photography
  • Visit the Bagan temples in Myanmar
  • Go to one of the world’s most isolated inhabited islands: Easter Island

So, that’s my list… For now anyway. What’s on yours?


4 thoughts on “Bucket List

  1. The mountain gorilla’s in Rwanda are great, actually even more impressive, causing more goosebumps than I ever expected… go for it!
    And maybe we should do the trip to Namibia together? Is definitely high on my list!

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