My travels

My first experience abroad was when I was only a one year old. My family and I moved to Mozambique for 1.5 years. Obviously I don’t remember anything of that, but I do remember my next trip to Africa. When I was 8 years old I went with my family to Angola. I still remember walking through the slums of Luanda. Needless to say it made a big impression on me.

Maybe this triggered me to go traveling, who knows. All I know is that I have always said from a young age that I wanted to travel. So, apart from the summer and winter holidays, the first time I was going abroad on my own I went to Kenya for volunteering in 2005. A year later I went to Canada for an academic exchange. Next, I learned Spanish in Spain in 2007 and in 2010 I worked in Belgium for a while.

A couple of weeks after I quit my job in 2011 I went to Jordan. Being there, in the Wadi Rum desert, I felt so liberated. The idea of going traveling for a longer period of time popped up in my mind. When I got back home this idea got more serious, also thanks to some people who encouraged me to go. I’m still thankful for their encouragements, because two months later I was in the airplane on my way to Moscow.

Moscow was the starting point of my world trip for the next five months. I took the Trans Siberia Express to Mongolia. Then I travelled through China, spend a couple of days in Singapore and went on to explore Indonesia. After that I visited Australia and finished my trip in New Zealand. It was a fantastic experience and definitely the best decision I’ve ever made!

Countries visited


2 thoughts on “My travels

  1. It’s great that you traveled the Trans-Siberian and spend time in my home country – Russia .. I’ll do the Trans-Siberian adventure sometime soon..

    Let there always be a road,


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