Aussies in China

Imagine this: you’re in a local bus in the middle of nowhere in China. In the bus there is an Australian couple. You start talking with each other and you tell them that you’re going to Australia in a couple of months. Within 15 minutes they invite you to meet up when you’re there. Two months later you’re spending a couple of days in their home and they show you the Great Ocean Road! How cool would that be?!

Well, it happened to me. When I arrived in Australia I emailed the Australians I met in China and they invited me to stay in their home. Even though they didn’t really know me at all and we had barely talked for half an hour in some random bus in China. So I travelled down the East coast of Australia and when I got closer to Melbourne the Aussies and I planned when I would visit them.

To make me feel welcome they invited some friends and prepared a home cooked meal. It was amazing. I really felt at home: it was great to be in a homey setting for a couple of days (having your own bedroom is quite a luxury after weeks of hostel dorms) and to have a delicious meal together with some cool and friendly people. The next day the Australian couple even took the day off from work to show me the Great Ocean Road. Seeing this with locals made it even more fun.

Travelling solo

Before I left for my world trip I wasn’t sure about travelling solo. I had a good chat about it with a friend who had been travelling on his own for a while. He encouraged me to do it and I ended up doing part of my trip on my own. While travelling with someone is very nice I also really enjoyed travelling solo. Although I was on my own, I have never felt alone.

It’s so easy to meet fellow travellers and do stuff together (from just going for a drink to sharing a campervan for a couple of weeks). If you feel like doing something together, that’s fine. If you feel like doing something on your own, that’s cool too. No need to explain yourself.

That’s the great thing about travelling: the freedom to do what you want, when you want and with whom you want. So, in case you doubt about travelling solo: you just might meet some friendly Aussies like I did!


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