The Friday Photo – An island feeling

For some reason an island inspires the imagination. The feeling of remoteness and the natural scenery makes it a great place to unwind and clear your head and heart.


This week I went to a Dutch island, Schiermonnikoog, for a couple of days. Even though it’s a small island it felt spacious. Lots of stretched landscapes, from beaches and dunes to grasslands.

I was cycling around the island, through the grasslands, when I noticed an information sign. It said that during a few months a year cows are set out on the grasslands and by eating certain plants or grasses the cattle makes room for other plants and flowers to grow. I like that thought; creating space for something to blossom.

I didn’t just find this openness in nature. I found it in the people as well. Pretty much all of them had an open attitude. They looked genuinely interested and had a sparkle in their eyes. This attitude has a positive effect in return. Or, like one of them said, you get what you give.



One thought on “The Friday Photo – An island feeling

  1. Blue sky and white sand…
    Looks like a far-away country, but is not…
    It is my own beautiful country The Netherlands

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