Cool looking creatures

I still remember the first time I saw giraffes walking in the wild. I was in a van on my way to Masai Mara N.P. in Kenya. The others I was with were taking a nap. I was silently looking at the Kenyan savannah go by, sitting reclined back in my seat. All of a sudden there they were: about three or four giraffes, just strolling around a bit. I sat up straight, my eyes got bigger. Wow, what an amazing sight!

For some reason that moment is still more vivid in my mind than for example the moment I saw the first elephants the next day. If I think about my safari in Kenya the first image that pops up in my head is of those giraffes. Not so much because it were giraffes. I mean, I know that they live there in the wild so I was bound to see them at some point. Yet, that moment that you all of a sudden do…

I guess it’s a matter of seeing something with your own eyes. The impact is so much bigger when you do. Through the eyes the heart is addressed, they say. For me, that’s the greatest thing about travelling. But I guess it can also be confrontational. You’re faced with reality, which isn’t always that great. Seeing people live in poverty, environmental damage. As long as you don’t see it, it’s not there. Or at least, that’s what people can pretend.

Yet, this eye opener would also be a good stimulation to think about what you can do to treasure the earth more, by diminishing your ecological footprint. The earth needs to be protected. Because frankly, these very cool looking creatures going extinct would be such a big loss, don’t you think?

Happy Earth Day!


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