The Friday Photo – Mongolia by train

Travelling by train has something special to it. Other than looking out of the window, reading a book or talking to fellow travellers there’s not much else to do. So that’s what I did in the Trans Siberia Express. The best part of the trip from Moscow to Beijing was Mongolia for me, because of the changing of landscapes. The first part was still lush and green. Hardly any civilization wherever I looked.

The wobbling of the train and the sun warming up the compartment made me doze off a bit. When I woke up the landscape had changed considerably. The Gobi desert was near.

The train passed a tiny village and I saw some kids waving.

And then there was the Gobi desert. Nothing else to see other than sand, a blue sky and lots of space. Amazing!


4 thoughts on “The Friday Photo – Mongolia by train

  1. What a beautiful pictures!
    The landscape of green hills seems to have no end, so does the Gobi desert. Also the long train seems to be never ending…

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