Tasty tapas

“The more rubbish there is on the floor, the better.” Say what? I look puzzled at my friend. “It’s normal in Spain to throw your napkin on the floor when you’re done eating your tapas,” he continues. “So when you see lots of it on the floor in a bar it means that the locals think it’s a good place to have tapas.” Right then, let’s search for a bar with a stack of napkins on the floor in that case.

I think tapas, or pinchos, depending on in what part of Spain you are, are the best invention ever. Food-wise, that is. It’s like the Spaniards say: “Eat when you drink, drink when you eat.” The great thing about beers in Spain is that the glasses are very small. What’s good about that? Well, every time you’ve got a fresh and cold beer in your hand and you can get another tasty tapa to go with it.

The best tapas I had when I lived in Spain, was in Salamanca. Unlike in Valencia or Sevilla, you get the tapas in Salamanca for free when you order a drink. So, we went into a bar where it was pretty crowded. And yes, there was quite a bit of rubbish on the floor. Good signs. The bar top was covered in plates with incredible looking tapas. Chunks of tortilla, patatas bravas, rings of squid, chorizo, jamón Ibérico; delicious!

By the time we were done having a drink we didn’t need to go to a restaurant  any longer. We made our way trough the crowd towards the exit. I felt happy and I was walking on clouds… eh… napkins…

Photo credit: wikipedia.org


4 thoughts on “Tasty tapas

  1. What a fab weekend that was in Salamanca! Still one of the best weekends of my life. And the food – just amazing.

  2. You lived in Salamanca?
    I was there for a few days back in 2008 I think, visiting a friend! Such a beautiful city! Did you find the university symbol on the wall? 😀

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