Breakfast at Bromo

Slow travelling: taking it easy on your travels instead of rushing from one highlight to the next. To be perfectly honest I’m not the slowest traveller there is. I usually don’t stay in a town for, let’s say, two weeks. It makes me a bit restless. There is so much I want to see and experience.

Yet, I’m not the fastest traveller either. Let’s take Java, for example. I was travelling with my brother from Yogyakarta to Bali. On our way we visited the Bromo volcano. Like most tourists, we went very early to see the sunrise. It was a beautiful view, but the fact that we shared this event with loads of other tourists didn’t make it the best experience ever.

At the crater edge

After the sunrise, like most tourists, we walked up to the crater. And then we waited. We waited until every tourist was gone. They had gone up the crater, took some pictures, walked back down and took the bus to the next tourist highlight. But my brother and I sat down and by the time everybody had left we took our breakfast out of our daypacks. There, at the crater edge, we enjoyed some bread and a boiled egg, while the sun was starting to warm us up. Now that is what I call a great location to start the day!

I think it’s nice to take a bit more time when it’s possible. Maybe just a couple of hours, sometimes a couple of days. In any case, when my brother and I slowed down we experienced the most beautiful and captivating moments during our trip.


2 thoughts on “Breakfast at Bromo

  1. Great Point you make there, alot of people don’t stop to admire and take in the beauty that they see, and it just passes them and all they have is a photo to say they were there and they saw it,, but theres more to it than just that, you now have a connection with that photo, it captured a ‘moment’ 🙂
    Thanks for reminding me that!

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