Kroketten & crumpets

A couple of days ago I walked and cycled around town with a tourist. A friend of a friend came to visit Holland so I was more than happy to welcome the girl from Brazil and show her around.

She had already done some sight seeing herself before we met so I pretty much took her to the non-touristy spots. She enjoyed it and so did I. It made me look at my home town with the eyes of a tourist. And that was actually quite refreshing: things I may find normal or take for granted are maybe not so obvious at all.

Just as I enjoy trying local food during my travels she was very interested in Dutch food and drinks during her visit. So, I prepared a typical Dutch dinner for her: zuurkool stamppot met worst (sauerkraut stew and sausage). She said she enjoyed it – I really hope she did. Also, she was planning to have poffertjes (very small pancakes with lots of sugar and a bit of butter) for lunch the next day.

The day I showed her around town she ordered kroketten (croquettes with beef-ragout filling) for lunch. It was amusing to see the expression on her face when the waitress put the kroketten on the table. Curious and a little bit hesitant at the same time. I’m pretty sure I had the same expression on my face when I had my first (and last) crumpet with vegemite (savoury cake with a paste made from yeast extract) in Australia. Fortunately she enjoyed the kroketten. But then again, unlike vegemite, kroketten are delicious!


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