Why Namibia is on my bucket list

I love a whole lot of nothing. For some reason I love deserts and other never-ending landscapes. It makes me calm. Not only that though. It makes me feel peaceful. A feeling that everything is okay. All little or slightly bigger things that I may worry about seem to disappear.

Namibia has the most beautiful desert I think there is. If you see pictures of enormous sand dunes with striking orange, terracotta and red colours, it will most likely be the desert of Namibia. The fact that the Namib Desert is right next to the ocean makes it even more incredible.

Namibia is a country with the size of Turkey while there are only 2 million inhabitants. Lots of space for everyone. That’s another thing I love: the feeling like you’re all alone in the middle of nowhere. As if you’re the only one who’s there. No signs of civilization where ever you look.

Travelling trough Namibia can be easily done on your own by jeep. The coolest thing about it is that at night you can camp on the jeep. Imagine that: being in the middle of nowhere, looking at billions of stars and hearing wild life roaming around: amazing!

Photo source: http://www.smiling-africansun.com


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