The Friday Photo – Like a celebrity in China

Always wanted to know what it feels like to be famous, yet you don’t have the ambition to become a superstar? Go to China. If you don’t look Asian that is. I don’t think there has been a time that there were more pictures taken of me than over there.

A group of Chinese ladies and me posing for the picture

Of course, there are other countries where you are the odd one out, the minority. People talk about you or stare at you, because you look different from them. In Kenya sometimes young kids touched my arms and my hair, just to feel what it was like.

But in China they took photos. Lots of photos. The way they did varied. Some politely asked if I wanted to pose for a picture with them. Other times they pretended to take a picture from someone in front of me while aiming past them towards me. Maybe they were too shy to ask. Only a few times it was a bit more bluntly, more or less taking a picture from just one metre away, no questions asked.

Although I couldn’t get used to it I didn’t really mind that they photographed me. Especially if they asked me to pose with them it was actually fun. I always like meeting locals and this was an easy way to break the ice.


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