The Friday Photo – Sailing with dolphins

Something I realized while travelling is that I love sailing. I’ve done some sailing when I was a lot younger, but when I moved to the city I never got around to do it anymore. On my world trip I went sailing three times: once in Australia (Whitsunday Islands) and twice in New Zealand (Abel Tasman N.P. and Bay of Islands).

I just love the feeling of freedom it gives me. Feeling the wind, the water splashing up and the boat tilting to one side. During the trip at the Whitsundays I stayed on the boat for a couple of nights. One of the best parts was getting up early, just enjoying the silence of being pretty much on your own in a beautiful environment and see the world waking up.

In New Zealand there was a completely other thing that got me excited like a kid in a candy store. All of a sudden we were surprised by a couple of dolphins swimming along with the boat. It was so great to see them playing together and having fun swimming around the boat. When we anchored in a bay they even gave us a short show by jumping in and out of the water.

That’s why learning to skipper a sail boat is on my bucket list. Hopefully spring is coming soon so I can start taking classes.


9 thoughts on “The Friday Photo – Sailing with dolphins

  1. Wat kun jij inhoudelijk goed schrijven en mensen mee nemen in een Beleving die jij op dat moment had d.m.v. tekst. Heel herkenbaar dat gevoel van een prachtige omgeving en het ervaren van de puurheid van natuur. Mooi dat je dit met ons wilt delen. Je hebt zelfs gevaren bij Abel Tasman. Wat is het daar prachtig hรจ!!! Met het blauwe water en de goudgele stranden (*en zandvlooien kan ik me herinneren) Ik ben benieuwd naar je andere verhalen.

  2. Fabulous photos and as ever very inspiring blog. Sounds like you had an amazing time and glad to see some photos….

  3. Very nice photo’s you have made.
    If you like to know more about sailing along the Greek and Turkish coast contact Hans & Gemma. They sailed here with a catamaran for 4 month. Might be interesting for you…..

  4. Nice story chica! Ik krijg gelijk zin om ook te reizen en zeilen op dat soort mooie plekken! Die lessen moet je hier zeker nemen, follow your dreams! x

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