Welcome to my new blog! My name is Petra and I’m a 29 year old Dutch girl.

Last year I’ve been traveling for 5 months from Russia to New Zealand and ever since I got back last November I can’t seem to get rid of the travel bug. I thought I would feel like settling down after my trip, but in fact I just want to go travel even more. So, I’m looking for a flexible lifestyle to support this wish.

I’ve been searching for work now since a couple of months. No luck with finding anything yet. But, looking at this from the bright side: the perfect time to start this blog and see what comes along on my path. I just might even start my own business..! We’ll see.

Join me on my quest to find out more about the things I love to do most: traveling, inspiring others to get the best out of themselves, and creating more awareness about the treasures of this world, with all its diversity in nature and cultures.

If you have any comments, constructive criticism or questions, let me know! I look forward to getting in touch with you.



4 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. I understand the feeling! I have been a bit lost when I got back from Australia and I’m still wondering what to do next apart from my small Vancouver trip.
    I hope you can fulfill your dreams! Looking forward to see your new travel projects! 🙂

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